Finding John Costello

Finding John Costello

John Costello is my great-grandfather.  He is also my most recent brick wall.  While I never met Grandpa Costello, I did know his wife and visited her many times while I was growing up.  My Mom knew her Grandpa, but he died when she was a child.  John and Mary Costello had three children who survived infancy.  Two of those children are currently still alive.  Despite many conversations with the children of John, I have been unable to gather any facts that have helped break through this brick wall – so far.  After twenty years of work, and before the oldest living generation is gone, I have decided that I need to get really serious about learning Grandpa Costello’s story.  I’m hoping DNA will come to the rescue!

This page is dedicated to compiling all of the known information about John Costello, his life, and the DNA matches from his side of my tree.  (Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing personal details about living DNA matches, just about deceased persons in their respective trees.)

If you are a cousin and want to join me in my efforts, jump on in!  My email is on the sidebar.  If you are the child or grandchild of John & Mary Costello I would love to have you take a DNA test.  I will send you one at my expense, contact me.

If you are a more distant cousin who connects with me through DNA, I welcome any information you can share about your own tree to help me figure out how we connect.

Here’s hoping I can finally find Grandpa Costello’s story.


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