Favorite Websites

Finding a great website to assist in your research is fabulous!  Below is a list of some of my favorite websites with links to the websites and to posts I have written about them.  I will add to this list as I write about more of my favorite websites, so come on back and check it out again.

My top favorite go-to websites:

A website to find websites:

Location Specific Websites:


  • Facebook – I wrote about using Facebook to help your genealogy here.

6 thoughts on “Favorite Websites”

  1. Hi, Amberly,

    I posted a link to your favorites page on my blog here, just wanted to let you know:

    You have a lovely blog that I plan to read thoroughly as I am able. Another family history blog you might enjoy is here:

    That blog focuses on genealogy with a special emphasis on DNA. The author, Roberta Estes, does a great job of sharing her finds in a thorough and very readable format. I am inspired by both of your blogs!


    Valerie Curren

      1. I’m playing catch up on my own “social” side of blogging…definitely a learning curve here. My kids are “older” though my autistic son is perpetually young–one of the blessings of autism. Have a blast with the kids, they do really grow up Way Too Fast! Blessings, Valeri

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