I love teaching genealogy classes!  Here are a few of my favorite classes to teach:


Gifts That Turn Hearts – Help your loved ones turn their hearts to their ancestors by giving meaningful family history gifts.  Examples will include both simple, and more complex gift ideas that will help you find ways to invite connections between the generations of your family.

Finding Hidden Records on FamilySearch – Did you know that FamilySearch has several different types of record collections? Come and learn how to find them all as we explore indexed collections with images, indexed collections with no images attached (but they might still be on FamilySearch), partially indexed collections with additional browse images, browse only collections, digitized microfilm found in the catalog that can be accessed from home, and digitized microfilm that can only be viewed at a Family History Center.

DNA Basics – Have you wondered about using DNA in your research?  Come and learn about the different types of DNA tests, the different companies you can test with, what genealogy problems can be addressed with DNA, and a few examples of what DNA can do to knock down those brick walls.

Scottish Research – Learn about Scottish record types and where to find them.  Learn how to use ScotlandsPeople,, and FindMyPast together to get the most bang for your buck.

Accurately Reviewing and Attaching Record Hints in FamilySearch – Learn how to carefully review record hints on FamilySearch.  Learn when to attach, declare “not a match”, or do more research before you can decide.

Making the Most of – Come and learn how to supercharge your research on by understanding the website and collections better and learning some fantastic smart search strategies that will help you find the records you are looking for more quickly.

Making the Most of Trees – Why have a tree on  Is public or private better?  Learn how to create and use Trees from scratch, by uploading a gedcom file, or by importing from FamilySearch.  Give your research a boost by adding the power of an Ancestry Tree.

Becoming an Effective Temple & Family History Consultant – You’ve been called, but now what?  Learn how to listen and support Ward member’s family history goals, how to use the Consultant Planner, how to “find a spot” in any tree, and what to do when someone shows up and “wants to find a name”.

Descendancy Research – Do you have lots of Mormon Pioneers in your tree?  Have you been told it’s “all done”?  There is no such thing as a tree that is “all done”.  Come and learn how to find a spot in your tree to work on.  There is a spot waiting for you!

What’s APPening? – Family History discoveries are waiting for us right at our fingertips.  Learn about apps that will appeal to all ages and experience levels and bring the joy of genealogy to everyone.

Why DNA? – Have you wondered about using DNA to help your research?  Learn a few basics that can help you decide which test to buy and who to test to help solve your brick walls.

Brick Wall Smashing with DNA – Your best DNA matches are the ones that don’t make sense.  Learn how to analyze your matches in a new way to help break through brick walls, identify unknown parents, and bring miracles to your research.  90-minute class

What Are the Records Really Telling Me?  Learning to Use Indirect Evidence – We all love direct evidence – records that explicitly tell us the very thing we want to know.  But for many of our ancestors, there are no records about their lives that offer direct evidence.  So how do we prove their details and relationships? By collecting and carefully analyzing indirect evidence!



I teach about once each month at my local Family History Center as a volunteer.  I take a few additional volunteer teaching assignments each year for local organizations.  If you are interested in having me present a class for your organization or event, please contact me at:

amberlysfamilyhistory {at} yahoo {dot} com.