Hey Friends! I Added A New Page Up There 👆🏼



I’m trying to be a bit more organized, and timely, about announcing my upcoming classes.  So… you can find all of my upcoming presentations, that are free to the public, up there on that handy little page called, “Upcoming Presentations”.  Or, you can click right here and I’ll pop you right over to it.

Now about that typewriter image I love so much.  A few people have asked, so here’s the scoop.  That is my grandparent’s typewriter – Ronald & Margaret Peterson.  It lives in my office on top of a bookshelf.  I love it!  I took the photo myself and it seems very fitting to represent me here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.   ❤️



2 thoughts on “Hey Friends! I Added A New Page Up There 👆🏼”

  1. Love the typewriter — especially who it belonged to. Keep up the good work you’re doing. Love you

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