RootsTech 2018 – THIS WEEK!

It’s going to be a busy and awesome week for me at RootsTech!  I’m looking forward to a week of genealogy goodness, learning, and research at the Family History Library.

If you can’t be at RootsTech but want some RootsTech goodness, you can watch the live stream sessions from home.  Here is the streaming schedule.

Or, you can check out the recorded sessions from RootsTech 2017 here.

Or, check in with me here and on twitter – @genealogygirl_ – as I share a few things throughout the week.


Happy Monday, I hope you learn some amazing new genealogy tidbits this week!




10 thoughts on “RootsTech 2018 – THIS WEEK!”

  1. Good morning. I hate coldsores. They hurt a lot and are very ugly. I can fully sympathize with you. I am just getting over two. Yuk. On the upside my friend and I arrived last night for RootsTech last night. We are headed to the library after breakfast. Hooray! See you there.

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