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Photograph Showcase: A Rare Moment

PETERSON, Ronald & Naomi, Janice in background - smaller for FT
Naomi Skeen with her son Ronald Skeen Peterson.  Janice Peterson in background.

When I found this photo amongst my Grandmother’s collection I gasped with delight.  It was the first photo I had found with Naomi and Ronald when Ronald was grown.  It made me realize that I don’t have many photos of myself with my children once they reached their teenage years.  They just don’t like the camera much anymore.  So this lovely, and rare, moment with my Grandpa and his mother feels extra special when I compare it with my own experience.

As an added bonus – I love the unintentional photo bombing of Ronald’s sister Janice.


13 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: A Rare Moment”

  1. It is a lovely image. And you’re right, it is harder to get photos of our growing/grown-up children. And being the one with the camera means there very few photos of me with the boy-child at all. Plenty with his dad though 🙂

    1. I have the same problem. And the ones my husband takes are usually pretty terrible. He doesn’t have an eye at all. He’s always at the wrong angle, height etc. Thank goodness my little one likes selfies. 😂

  2. I had to look twice to find Janice! Great photo. And teenagers hate being photographed with their mother, but I bet they take selfies with their friends. Maybe they will let you photobomb one? 🙂

  3. Great photo – I never would have noticed his sister in the background if you hadn’t pointed it out – but it really adds to the richness of the picture.

  4. This is a lovely photo. And in focus, too! Most of my family photos are very blurry (particularly ones my dad took – somehow he always managed to focus on everything else except his subject!) but when I find one that’s good, I treasure it. How nice that you were able to find one of your grandpa grown up.
    I’m enjoying your blog and am now following it. I’ve done my family trees – already passed them on to other branches for their children to enjoy and take over when they feel they want to – but still retain an interest in other people’s. Also I have a huge collection of family photos and others which one day soon I must continue labelling!

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